Quick Hits: Moving Week Edition!

24 Nov

Hey, y’all!

I have approximately five minutes before leaving this lovely land of onlineness¹ and heading back to box-land.  Poor blog, though—you guys probably thought I forgot to bring it to Austin with me.

(FYI, those of you who don’t know me well—yet—this is my second full day in a new city.  Things have been crazy lately, hence the unintentional lack of blogging.)

Here’s a quick-hits list of all things moving-week-related!


Packing Day—Sunday, the day we loaded all of our junk into not one, but two U-hauls—was one of the most taxing days I’ve ever experienced.  However, if you follow me on Twitter (@olsonkayla), you already know this because I flooded you with #ihatepacking tweets.  Sorry about that.


Austin?  Is totally worth the taxing packing day.  It’s fresh and fun and completely awesome.  (PS: Melissa, you can absolutely consider this yet another subtle hint that screams MOVE HERE! in your direction!)


The only downside, so far, is the lack of internet access at our apartment.  We’ll be hooked up soon, but for now I feel totally out of the loop.  I miss you guys. *waves at sweet friends*


Our new apartment comes complete with a zillion awesome places to work on my novels.  Bay window here, fireplace there, two patios, trees, peace and quiet…I’m so excited to get a little more settled in so I can get back to work!


People in Austin are FRIENDLY.  I’m serious.  We’ve already met some of our adorable neighbors—two young, married couples—because they came down and introduced themselves while we unloaded the U-Haul. (Ahem, I mean while we stood around and watched the paid movers unload the U-Haul.)(Best. Decision. Ever.)  Everyone we’ve met has been kind and welcoming.

Okay, that’s it for quick hits.  We’ve got some unpacking to do…whee!  I’ll be back soon(ish).

In the meantime—since I’m sort of out of the loop for a little while—please fill me in on your own quick hits!  I’m doing my best to keep up with all of your blogs, but it’s harder than usual given my less-connectedness.

Wishing you all a special and lovely Thanksgiving!

¹Funny how my made-up word looks sort of like loneliness. (Not that I’m lonely. Just that it’s funny.)

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4 Responses to “Quick Hits: Moving Week Edition!”

  1. Megs Wednesday / 24 November 10 at 4:48 pm #

    Love your little hits. Gives me flashbacks.

    Finished a short story! Rough as all get out and nowhere near ready for any other eyes than my loving grandmother’s (who frequently treats me like someone wholly unrelated when dealing with critiques), but it’s DONE! My first major work completed since the writing crisis.

    Thanksgiving! :quails at the sight of our kitchen: AND I’m home sick today to boot. And I must go in, wash produce, then clean the house. :nearly faints:

    Must finish revising In This Wood. Must finish revising In This Wood. :puts hands over ears as mind continues chant: Must finish revising…

    Did I mention I hate being out sick? My boss is so nice though. I’m staying out ’cause I can’t afford the hit in my productivity even though it’s a short week and the team could use me. I DO like my boss.

    Also need to finish app for work-from-home transcription job, but really, really, REALLY don’t like their player. It’s worse for transcription than Winamp!

    Happy Thanksgiving and Settling Into Austin!

    God bless! :waves:

  2. Linda Cassidy Lewis Wednesday / 24 November 10 at 5:17 pm #

    On my blog I’m trying to get a fierce dialogue going on traditional pub vs. indie pub. Went great yesterday, but quiet today. Thank you very much for stealing my thunder, Thanksgiving! ;-)

    I’m trying not to read into that onlineness/loneliness thing.

    I hope you’re unpacking goes smoothly. Miss you online. :-)

    • Linda Cassidy Lewis Wednesday / 24 November 10 at 5:17 pm #

      I really do know the difference between you’re and your. Really, I do.

  3. joyofdawn Wednesday / 24 November 10 at 9:06 pm #

    One: I am most likely getting a job with CrossMark, which is new and very nerve racking expirience for me!

    Two: My family can’t manage to get our schedules together for Thanksgiving until Tuesday! We have gotten very busy around here! Meanwhile I’m digging up the recipes.

    Three: NaNo has once again beat me and I will try again next year. As for now I will keep working on the first draft of the story I’m on. Then maybe I’ll just stick with this story and get it to the point where I can publish it!

    Four: One turkey is no longer in the backyard and is in the freezer awaiting Tuesday! Meanwhile the other turkey awaits space in the freezer. They are some big birds!

    Five: I love five point posts! I’m lovin’ this cold, hot chocolate, weather! That picture of your cat was really great! Just wondering if Remi was the one who called those magic U-haul guys for you? :)

    Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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