Reading, Writing, and Other Awesomeness

8 Dec

Whew!  What a week!

So, Fresh Start December?  Yeah, it’s rocking so far.  Reading, writing, chatting with delightful friends on Twitter and gmail chat—you name it, it’s happening.

And I love it.  It feels good.  Fresh, I might even say.

The writing room is just as fantastic as you might imagine it to be.  It’s got a huge, clean, antique wooden desk, a new comfy desk chair, another desk (which, I discovered yesterday, is PERFECT for scene card shuffling), windows and natural light for inspiration, and a big gray chair that’s perfect for reading.¹


I’m overjoyed to announce that this writing room—get this—actually leads to a Very Productive Kayla.  During the first week of Fresh Start December, I slaved over a new beginning to this Very Important Novel.  Lo and behold, I (FINALLY) actually came up with one.  This beginning has been a thorn in my side for a little while, and it’s nice to have figured out (what I think is) a viable solution to the issues it had.  I still have some work to do on it, for sure, but am super encouraged by the progress I’ve made on it.

Turns out, this writing room is also good for reading novels.  Especially awesome, quirky, yet-to-be-released novels like DON’T STOP NOW, the newest book by super-talented author Julie Halpern.  I think I’ll devote an entire post to this book, rather than trying to cram in all the awesome right here.  You may have heard of DON’T STOP NOW already—Natalie Whipple has mentioned it a few times on her blog.  Consider it without-a-doubt-worthy of your to-read list.  I’ll tell you more about it soon.

Okay, y’all.  Time to get productive up in here.

¹Pictures are forthcoming, *promise*—as soon as I find my camera.  Alas, it is still buried in some box.  (The ONE box I didn’t color code or label, it seems.)

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7 Responses to “Reading, Writing, and Other Awesomeness”

  1. survivorscribe Wednesday / 8 December 10 at 3:19 pm #

    Hi Kayla,

    I’m so envious of your room. It sounds so nice. My writing room is less a room and more a corner of a high-traffic family room, with TV sounds and music coming from all directions.

    So glad I found your blog. I’m a writer. I love reading about process.


    • Kayla Olson Thursday / 9 December 10 at 6:53 pm #

      Hey, Cristina! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :) I definitely relate to your writing ‘room’ — before this, we were in a one bedroom apartment, and I hardly had a table to write on.

      Do you have a blog? I recognize your name (from around Linda’s blog, I think?), but it doesn’t link to anything.

      Thanks again for stopping by! Happy writing and reading to you. :)

  2. Laura Thursday / 9 December 10 at 5:55 am #

    Someday when hubby and I are no longer military nomads, I will have a writing room. It will have everything you mentioned along with a mini-fridge full of soda and snacks. I am jealous! Enjoy it!

    • Kayla Olson Thursday / 9 December 10 at 6:56 pm #

      Your “mini-fridge full of soda and snacks” sounds pretty much like the equivalent to my espresso machine: the epitome of luxury, favorite beverage only a few steps away! hehe

      I hope you get a writing room—and the fridge and soda and snacks—someday soon!

      Good to hear from you again. :)

  3. Melissa Thursday / 9 December 10 at 4:24 pm #


    • Kayla Olson Thursday / 9 December 10 at 7:02 pm #

      I’m assuming your enthusiastic “Want!” applies to all of the following:

      a) A writing room (or, in your case, library of awesomeness)

      b) The next iteration of said WIP, over which I have been slaving


      c) Julie Halpern’s amazing novel!

      *sigh* Unfortunately, I only have complete control over choice b. I’ll let you know if I can magically get a and c to happen. ;)

  4. Laura Best Sunday / 12 December 10 at 12:26 pm #

    I love my writing room. It came about after all the kids moved out. I chose the largest bedroom and converted it..

    You sound so enthusiastic, Kayla, you just make me want to get writing, too.

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