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Camps, Conventions, Conferences—Oh, My!

25 Feb

I have always been a huge fan of retreats, camps, and conventions—basically, anything where a ton of people get to hang out together for a few days, peruse full-to-the-brim schedules, learn a bunch of stuff, and generally have a fantastic time in the process.  I’ve been to church retreats, band camps, and music conventions, but today?

Today, I get to go to my very first WRITING conference!

And I’m super excited about it. Like, SUPER excited.

First of all, I’m looking forward to having an amazing roommate—Melissa the Fabulous.  Also, there are a TON of classes to choose from, most of which seem fascinating and applicable to who I am, at this point, as a writer.  There will also be agents and publishing people there, as well as a smattering of faces I recognize from my Twitter feed.  Overall, it seems like a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and to learn a lot.

Yeah.  I’m excited.  (Perhaps you noticed.)

I wish all of you could be there this weekend—how fun would that be, to meet all of my far-away blog friends in person?  Maybe one day.  I’ll do my best to translate the weekend into blog posts via photos and recaps!  Happy lovely weekend to you all!


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