The Liar Society, by Lisa & Laura Roecker

12 Apr

Less than 24 hours ago, I settled into bed with a new book: The Liar Society, by sisters Lisa and Laura Roecker. Less than ten minutes ago, I finished it.

Dude, y’all.

I am not the fastest reader. I tend to snuggle into books, take my time with them, read every single word. It is rare that I finish a book in two sittings (which, really, would have been a single sitting were it not for my general inability to read in bed, at night, without falling asleep).

However, this book? I read every single word and still managed to fly through it at lightning speed. It was addictive. It was intriguing. It brought that old “tension on every page” piece of advice to life. I turned page after page after page, even past the last chapter and through the acknowledgments, until there were no more pages left to turn.

The best comparison I can offer to the way I felt about this book is that it reminded me of my absolute favorite TV show: LOST. Now, when I say that, I definitely don’t mean I saw any similarities in the subject matter. Aside from the fact that The Liar Society and LOST both feature main characters named Kate, there’s pretty much nothing, content-wise, that’s the same. So, why do I compare them?

Well, while watching LOST, my feelings about it were something along the lines of cannot-watch-just-one-episode-MUST-watch-another-because-I-MUST-see-what-happens-next! mixed with dude-I’d-better-slow-down-because-pretty-soon-I’ll-run-out-of-episodes-and-then-I’ll-be-sad.

This is exactly how I felt while reading The Liar Society. I devoured chapter after chapter, chewing on the little brain snacks (read: clues to solve Kate’s mystery) the authors left along the way. And the ending? Well, it totally delivered. The only thing it left me hungry for is another book by these authors. (And maybe a Starbucks. Kate loves her Starbucks, and that is so something I understand.)

I’ve talked a lot about how this book made me feel, but at the heart of it, I think the reason comes down to this: I appreciate solid writing, and everything about this book was solid. The plotting was water-tight. The character motivations, actions, and reactions were thoroughly developed and well-executed. The setting was vivid and sprawling, a fun playground for my brain to wander around in. The main character, Kate, used logic, wisdom, and good old common sense. In my opinion, this made her extremely likable and easy to relate to (not to mention, easy to root for).

So, yes. Put this one on your to-read list, like, ASAP. (Seriously. Here‘s its Goodreads page.) And to Lisa and Laura, if you happen to read this, THANK YOU for writing such a fun and fabulous book. It inspires me to write more, and to take the time to write well.

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4 Responses to “The Liar Society, by Lisa & Laura Roecker”

  1. jillianpeery Wednesday / 13 April 11 at 9:19 am #

    Hi! I just wanted to say–Great book review! I’ll have to add this one to my list. Keep them coming!

    • Kayla Olson Wednesday / 13 April 11 at 3:09 pm #

      Hi, Jillian! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! :) I like ‘meeting’ new blog friends. Just got a whole new stack of books today, so there’ll probably be a lot more reviews in the future!

  2. Melissa Wednesday / 13 April 11 at 11:55 am #


    You should bring me your copy at the wedding :D

    • Kayla Olson Wednesday / 13 April 11 at 3:11 pm #

      I’ll try to get Andrew to read it quickly, then. He’s next in line, but because you TOTALLY need to read it, I’ll try to bring it ASAP (hopefully to the wedding!)(which I CANNOT believe is happening in EIGHT DAYS!!!).

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