Seventeen-year-old rancher Asher Smith knows nothing of Queen Astra—the Queen won’t even be born for 900 more years—let alone that he’s wanted for her murder. So when a girl stumbles out of his woods and drops nearly-dead, he cares for her until she’s conscious and functioning again, unaware that her presence means the end of his peaceful ranching days.

Six is on a mission, sent by the Queen: collect the assassin—Asher—and bring him to royal court. The Queen will not be satisfied until he is dead, executed by her own hand. If she kills him first, she reasons, he can’t kill her.

As Six gets to know Asher, she begins to question her orders. She’s complied with the Queen’s first request—collect Asher, extract him out of his time—but she’s not so sure about the whole execution thing. And when an unsettling truth about the Queen surfaces, Six’s allegiance further falters. She’s not alone, either: rumors of an uprising come, along with whispers about Asher. Kill the Queen, the conspirators have told him, and we’ll protect you from execution.

Six must choose whether to obey the Queen or to act on her convictions.

Meanwhile, Asher must also choose: to live, with blood on his hands, or to die an innocent man.

OF STARSHINE AND ASHES is a YA time-travel book told from dual perspectives.

3 Responses to “Projects”

  1. Liza Kane Thursday / 12 January 12 at 7:08 pm #

    I like this new tab!! I was going to add one to my blog, too!

  2. China Friday / 24 May 13 at 12:28 am #

    I keep coming back and rereading this page, because all these projects sound SO GOOD.


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    [...] Projects [...]

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