So Many Ideas, So Little Time

10 Jun

I don’t know about you, but my days have been flying past me lately.

Lost and American Idol are done for ’09, and I am no longer glued to my shiny LG, wondering who Jacob is or if Allison Iraheta will compete in the finale.  Still, though, with all the delicious weddings in June, I find myself scatterbrained.  What’s more, I feel unproductive.

My in-the-works novel is being patient with me.  I’m absolutely devoted to it, but am too distracted right now to start the second draft.  I guess I’m under the impression that I need a relatively uninterrupted chunk of time to work on it, which won’t come until the beginning of July.  

So, instead: a string of low-attention-span, quick projects to be sold in a little store on the downtown square of my hometown.  I’m giving myself the next two weeks to come up with as many quirky, profitable creations as I can.  I’ll let you know how that goes, and if you’re interested, perhaps I’ll make more and sell them on  

In the meantime: yoga.  I need to leave now, or I’ll be late.  It’s always awkward to walk in and create a ruckus when the lights are low and the others are already in Downward-Facing Dog.


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