The World’s Most Under-Appreciated Utensil?

18 Jun

Though this will (probably) not impact the world in any way…I have to ask.

Do any of you use a butter knife on a regular basis?  For as long as I can remember, I’ve used a regular old knife for all my buttering needs.  Lately, though, when I reach in my drawer, the butter knife just stares at me like, “Hey!  This is my only purpose – please use me!”  So I do.  It made me wonder, am I the only one who uses a butter knife these days?  Or, am I the only one who hasn’t used one until lately?  

Like I said, not the most life-changing post in the world, but if the butter knife had a voice it would probably thank me.

One Response to “The World’s Most Under-Appreciated Utensil?”

  1. Danielle Thursday / 18 June 09 at 11:31 am #

    I don’t even think I own one!

    PS – If you go to “Your Profile” section of My Dashboard, add your website title to the website field. It will make it easier for people to immediately click to your blog when you comment if you want more readers.

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