When Fireworks Fade

6 Jul

Well, today is the day.  The fireworks have faded, my husband’s back in his pretty office, and I practically jumped out of bed with enthusiasm this morning.  The birds sang – sweetly, and not too loud.  The morning was bright, but not so sunny it woke me up.  My pillow was soft and perfect, but not such a black hole that I tumbled back to dreamworld.  Even Remy the Cat was on his best behavior, waiting in quiet patience at the foot of the bed for his morning Greenies.  

I know it will be a great day, because my latte tastes like cardboard this morning, and I don’t even really care (note to Carrie and Melissa, love you guys and your drinks usually rock, but you need to time your espresso shots…).  I passed the dreaded bank for which I once slaved and saw my old (horrible) manager walking in from her car.  I knew it would be a good day when I smiled, thinking, Ahhhhhh.  I’m so glad those days are gone! instead of focusing on the years I got yelled at for no apparent reason.

What has the power to overcome cardboard coffee and slavish scars on my soul, you ask?  It’s Second Draft Day!  Now that wedding season has temporarily subsided, and the holiday has passed, it’s time for me to focus.  I am so excited, so ready, for this part of the writing process to begin.  I’ve spent the past few weeks itching to write – one reason I started this blog, actually.  So, without any further small talk, I’m going to get to work, lest I begin Second Draft Day (the first of many) with the usual string of very-viable-reasons-for-not-working (i.e., breakfast, blogging, cleaning, menu planning, etc).

Wishing you all a lovely day, even if your latte tastes like cardboard.  Know that you are not alone.


5 Responses to “When Fireworks Fade”

  1. Kimberly Monday / 6 July 09 at 12:11 pm #

    This sounds so nice… I would love to have a day like this 🙂

  2. jenniferneri Monday / 6 July 09 at 8:16 pm #

    Second Draft Day! Did it go as planned? I find it difficult to get into editing, but once I do, I love it!

  3. owlandsparrow Monday / 6 July 09 at 10:36 pm #

    Second Draft Day did go as planned! Thanks for asking! It was a highly productive and enjoyable day. I even worked in a Jillian Michaels DVD work-out session after I worked all day! I agree about it being difficult to get into editing. There’s just so much to think about and weave together! In December, I finished my first draft – only now have I arrived at the point where I feel ready to start the actual second draft. Are you working on a project right now, too?

  4. jenniferneri Tuesday / 7 July 09 at 8:10 pm #

    And a workout – good for you!! lol.
    I am working on my second novel, querying my first, and grappling with a few shorts. phew, that felt like a mouthfull. 🙂

    • owlandsparrow Wednesday / 8 July 09 at 12:11 pm #

      Wow, you have so much to juggle right now! Good luck with your queries, and of course, working on the second novel! That’s wonderful.

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