Jinxed: The Curse of the Plane Tickets

10 Jul

The sky is blue, my plants are not dead yet.

I bet the sky will look even more blue in San Juan next month…is that even possible?  I walk to my mailbox and insert the key.  

Hey…why won’t it open?  I jiggle the key, I take it out and try again, I twist with more force: nothing.  Oh.  Maybe if I turned it the right way, perhaps it would open.  I try it to the left.  Genius.

I grab the assortment of junk mail, what appears to be a wedding invitation, and…something from jury services?

No.  Please.  I have no problem with jury duty…just as long as it isn’t on the week of the vacation we confirmed two days ago.

August 4th, 8:20am.  

I take a deep breath, and resist the urge to freak out.  Of course it’s on the morning of our flight.  Of course it says, Most trials only last from one to three days, as if that’s supposed to comfort me.  It would, if our vacation wasn’t planned for those one to three days.

I do what needs to be done, and thanks to your excellent site, Jury Services WebMaster, I get my date changed.  Still, I can’t help but wonder – will we ever get to use these plane tickets?  I’m starting to think they’re cursed.

One of my best friends got married in Guatemala City back in April.  I was supposed to be a bridesmaid – too bad I was too nauseous to make the flight after our 3am wake-up call.  We drove all the way to the airport, just in case I felt better in time, but well, I didn’t.  My sweet husband talked to the airline’s representative and tried to change the flight.  The extra $500 fee, and the not-so-optimal time (we’d hardly get to see the bride before the wedding) meant the whole trip was a no-go.  Fortunately, we got (almost) a full refund for the hotel we booked and the representative said we could apply our flight credit any time within the next year.

Well, forget Guatemala – let’s go to Hawaii!  We searched for good deals, but to no avail.  Thus, we looked to the Hawaii of the East: Puerto Rico!

My wonderful husband went to a lot of trouble to plan this trip, and before we knew it, we were already dreaming of the beach.  His boss approved his vacation time, but then – boom – the flight prices skyrocketed and the hotel deal was back to its more expensive norm.  We shifted the whole trip back by one day, and, crisis averted.

A few days ago, he booked the hotel – for cheaper than listed on the website – and was excited to tell me he got a better-than-expected deal on the flight, too.  That evening, we checked his email only to discover there had been a miscommunication.  

Unfortunately, his explicit request for two tickets to San Juan hadn’t translated over the phone.  A couple of airline representatives later, we were both confirmed for the flight, but for more money than we’d planned to spend.

Oh, well.  It’s done, it’s planned, and I’m hoping the 30 Day Shred elevates my beach confidence.  My husband is amazing and patient, and he was so sweet to plan all this, especially since the whole thing was starting to stress me out.

You can imagine my frustration when I saw that innocent-looking date on my jury duty summons.

Like I said before, my schedule request was approved, and everything should be okay now.  Should be.  I’ll believe it when I see those sandy beaches from our hotel.


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