Forget the Screaming Cats and Social Missteps

13 Jul

It’s Monday, and back to the drawing board.  The weekend was full – complete with screaming cats (therefore, no new kitty at our house because of a very hissy King Remy), failed car radiators (okay, just one), and losing horribly to my love as he killed at Canasta (this time).  Now, it’s time to forget all that stuff and focus again.

Editing and re-writing is really an interesting animal.  It’s hard to know exactly how to approach it, but I’m making progress and enjoying the process.  My characters are coming to life, and as a result, so is the plot.  There is so much I want to change about my first draft, but some of it is worth keeping – the trick is knowing how to weave the new with the old.

I’m proud to say that I’ve done the Shred for seven days in a row.  Twenty-three to go! Today, one of my old co-workers is coming to shred with me.  Such a funny title, isn’t it?  Perhaps it comes from the way your muscles feel when it’s over (um, that would be ripped to pieces).

Today, I’ll leave you with two pieces of advice.  

First: Plants do not fare well when you forget to water them.  Especially if you live in Texas and it is over a hundred degrees outside.  Perhaps I learned this from experience.

Second: Never, I repeat, never start speaking Spanish when the guy taking drive-through orders at Taco Cabana tells you he doesn’t speak English very well and asks for your order again.  If he is from India, he may not understand when you say, Necesito un agua grande, por favor.  You might leave thirsty, and you will leave feeling like a schmuck.  Perhaps I learned this from experience, too.  Oops.

Alright.  Time to get to work.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on editing, re-writing, and what works well for you.  It will help motivate me when I inevitably get stuck and need some inspiration and encouragement.


PS – I also welcome your advice on cats (e.g., getting new ones when the current one is used to being a spoiled only child).  We may be destined to be a one-cat family forever, I fear.


2 Responses to “Forget the Screaming Cats and Social Missteps”

  1. 47whitebuffalo Monday / 13 July 09 at 10:46 am #

    Oh I know that one cat territory scenario well. Some cats just cannot tolerate another with people/place they OWN. I really wanted to take in a young kitten until the vet said, “Please consider Raptor’s medical history before you do this–every time he’s been here it’s because he’s been the aggressor–all these injuries are ‘head on’–not retreat wounds. For the sake of the newcomer–don’t do it.”
    In contrast, Raptor’s predecessor, Prima Dona would hiss and threaten ‘fosterlings’–she made a huge show of intimidation–but, after being kept separete and cooling off, then she’d tolerate the visitors. Not exactly friendly, but tolerant nonetheless.
    Water is good for plants in Texas–unless theyire cacti–or so i suspect as I have little knowledge of keeping houseplants in Texas.
    As for wriitng–I’ve found that working with ‘more’ is easier than working with less–in other words, if you’ve dumped your imagination totally onto the ‘paper/computer’ and have lots to play with, you can decide what’s really effective and keep what works. Harder for me to push at getting more more more from little.
    Most importantly–WRITE

  2. jenniferneri Tuesday / 14 July 09 at 3:55 pm #

    I’ve introduced a few animals over the years, and I find they just need time. They also have to know that there is no going back..kind of like kids…they can sense your indecision 🙂

    When I was a kid when we drove through Texas years ago and went through a drive-through a nobody understood our Canadian accent – it was hilarious!

    I cannot work on editing alone. My creativity needs an outlet, so I alternate between the pieces. That said, when it comes to re-drafting, I become very methodical. I write down chapter by chapter what happens, to make sure there are no loose ends and that the sequence is correct. This only happens after I make sure the writing itself is where I want it to be. Lastly, I line edit. I have learned to do this last, as I have wasted time on lines that no longer exist in the end.

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