Navy Shirts & Zebra Skirts

30 Jul

Confession:  In the past week, I’ve watched Coraline more times than I’ve done the 30 Day Shred.  My husband said the movie was great – I wouldn’t know, since I fell asleep a third of the way through.  I tend to do this (accidentally, of course).  Just goes to show you how great Lost is, since I never once fell asleep while watching it.

Anyway, back to my confession.  

The negative?  All those posts ago, I was gung-ho about making it through thirty straight days of pain.  Now, here I am, having to admit I abandoned the Shred after the delicious massage I got on our anniversary.  It would have just been wrong to put all those knots back in my neck after she worked so hard to dig them out!  Right?

The positive? After eight long months, the LA Fitness opened in my town.  Finally.  I repeat, finally.  I’ve been going there, instead of doing the Shred.

Everyone I know was beginning to wonder if the fabled gym would ever actually open its doors.  They promised a December opening back when I signed up last November, and, well, it’s almost August now.  For months, it loomed desolate on the corner, bricks in tact but with a jungle for a parking lot.  When I saw a sign that boasted “LA Fitness opens today at 4pm,” I texted my friend, Ha.  I’ll believe it when I see it.  

Lo and behold, the myth was true after all.  

I’ve been there every day since.  Seven minutes each way beats thirty, for sure.  Right off the bat, I noticed two distinct differences between the new gym and the old one.  

First: it’s so nice to see a variety of people working out.  At the old gym, it seemed like only the fast and the super-fit frequented it.  Not so, at this one.  Just as a church is not for the perfect, a gym is not (only) for the in-shape.  Everywhere around me, I see people learning how to lift weights or do crunches for the first time.  Not everyone has proper clothing to work out in, and it reminds me of the days when I’d walk the track in my jeans.  It’s kind of like watching The Biggest Loser in real life, and I hope we all stick around long enough to see some real transformations.

My second observation is not so heart-warming.  However, it is inspiring: it inspires me to talk some sense into one of the sales-people who works there.  Who on this planet works at a gym, and wears the company’s standard-issue navy t-shirt with a zebra print skirt and red heels?  Or, tucked in to a black skirt that goes higher than the belly-button and is paired with gold gladiator sandals?  I thought maybe it was a one-time offense, but no.  It is an everyday thing, apparently.

So, I abandoned my shredding goal.  Truthfully, I don’t feel that bad about it.  The shorter drive leaves plenty of time for a solid workout and time to get a lot done on my novel.  Now, the novel?  That is a goal I will accomplish.  

I’ll keep you posted on the novel (and perhaps on other outrageous outfits worn by the sales girl).  In the meantime, don’t spoil Coraline for me.  I plan to rent it one morning or afternoon, drink a lot of coffee, sit in an uncomfortable spot, and not fall asleep.


4 Responses to “Navy Shirts & Zebra Skirts”

  1. Trish Southard Friday / 31 July 09 at 9:18 am #

    Thank you for saying the gym and the church are for the imperfect. We need to hear freeing statements like yours everyday.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 31 August 09 at 10:18 am #

      Hey, I just noticed I never replied to your comment – so sorry about that! I appreciated what you said, and I’m so glad you found my post to be ‘freeing!’ There’s too much expectation for people to look and be a certain way, I think, and that hinders us from just being real sometimes. Hope you’re doing well, sorry for the late response!

  2. jendoll Sunday / 30 August 09 at 10:40 pm #

    30 day shred??? What’s that? It’s funny you talked about Coraline. My boss and I were talking about that yesterday. It looked odd, but slightly intriguing. I’ve been meaning to start my gym routine back up- but keeping the motivation is hard. Have you kept it up? And, umm… the SALES GIRL WEARS ZEBRA SKIRTS AT WORK?! New uniform corporate set up??? lol OHHH MY.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 31 August 09 at 10:21 am #

      30 Day Shred is a workout DVD by Jillian Michaels, one of the trainers on The Biggest Loser. It is HARD (yet effective)! I wrote a few blog posts about it back when I was doing it. Click on the category “The Gym” (under ‘Looking For Something Specific’ at the right) and there are several posts about it, if you feel like reading 🙂 I think the first one about that is called “Ouch” (self-explanatory, hahaha).

      Yes. Zebra skirts. Ridiculous. I’m shaking my head right now, haha.

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