Hello, Sandy Beaches!

4 Aug

Have I mentioned yet that I’m so ready for this vacation?  

I mean, a month of very diligent writing and editing has been great, but the beach is sounding pretty good right about now.  Especially since I’m beginning to act on things that annoy me; actually leaving sticky notes that say “Dear Idiot, Driving a BMW does not make it okay for you to wrongfully park in a handicapped spot.  Hope you get a ticket…” is not something that I do unless I’m in a real funk.  (Yesterday.  Barnes & Noble parking lot.  I think I’d be a much happier person if I never had to deal with parking lots.)

Anyway – we leave in an hour for Puerto Rico, and it looks like it’s actually gonna happen this time.  A while back I wrote a little post about how I think this trip is jinxed, but so far so good.  Right now, it looks like a little 30% chance of rain is the only threat to our vacation.  We’ll see.

This will (probably) be my only post until we get back, so I thought I’d leave you with some random stuff to do while I’m gone.  

  • For all you Lost lovers: these websites can keep you busy for hours, weeks, days…maybe even until the final season returns in January!
  • Or, you can do some Sudoku and pretend you’re going on vacation, too (we get a tiny bit addicted whenever we take plane trips…)
  • You can make this delicious Lemon-Raspberry Tart
  • I’m taking Julie & Julia (Julie Powell) with me, along with Bright Lights, Big Ass (Jen Lancaster).  You may not be at the beach, but beachy books can take you on a mini-vacation, too!
  • Check out Sandra McCracken’s amazing new album, Live Under Lights And Wires.  It’s incredibly good.
  • If you’ll actually miss little ol’ me, you can peruse the archives for stuff you haven’t read before.
  • Last, but not least, you could order these fantastic post-it notes.  They are perfect for a wide variety of things – everything from researching your novel to leaving snarky notes on illegally parked BMWs.

Alright!  I’d hate to be all “Look at me, I’m going on vacation!” and leave you high and dry, far from the beach, with nothing fun to do.  Hence the list.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!  I’ll see you when we get back…


4 Responses to “Hello, Sandy Beaches!”

  1. jenniferneri Tuesday / 4 August 09 at 7:55 pm #

    Enjoy the beach!!

  2. lifeofaprimadonna Thursday / 6 August 09 at 2:49 pm #

    Have fun!

  3. Laura Best Saturday / 8 August 09 at 10:20 pm #

    Have a great vacation!!

  4. owlandsparrow Monday / 10 August 09 at 4:57 pm #

    Thanks, everyone! It was a great vacation (despite all the stress and drama that filled our first full day)! Alas, there are no beaches close to Dallas – my feet miss the sand and waves already.

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