What Just Happened?

13 Oct

Um…you guys?  You still out there?

Just took a break before getting back to work, and discovered my blog surfer function is completely devoid of links.  I’m pouting right now, because it’s my favorite way of keeping track of all my beloved blog friends’ new posts.  And right now, I see a big blank nothing when I click on the link – nothing, that is, except “Is this your first time using friend surfer?  Click here to add links.”  


Is this happening to anyone else?  

I guess I will stretch my break a bit longer so I can reconstruct my list of blog friends.  Oh yeah, and make a back-up list this time.  Don’t want to miss your posts!


So, I tried re-adding everyone, but it just says “added blog” and then nothing shows up.  Weird!  I went to the forums section, and it seems others are having this problem, too.  Hopefully it’s just a glitch.


2 Responses to “What Just Happened?”

  1. J.C Tuesday / 13 October 09 at 6:33 pm #

    Mine does that now and then, if you leave it for a bit it goes back to normal.


  1. Whew! « Owl and Sparrow - Tuesday / 13 October 09

    […] blog surfer has returned to normal, as mysteriously as it freaked out on me.  Rather than updating my last post, I thought I’d go ahead and post again to promote the Blogroll I (finally) added to the […]

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