26 Oct


I’m feeling this weird mix of emotionally-drained-meets-invigorated-and-ready-to-conquer-the-world this morning.  Weird, I know.  I feel colored by a tinge of melancholy, but it’s counteracted by this sort-of simmering inspiration, so that’s a little weird, too.

I guess it’s only natural, in a month where I’m learning so much about how to make the most of what I have – time, money, opportunities, conversations, you name it! – life, as it sometimes does, has coughed up the chance for me to worry over what I don’t have.  Tempting though it may be to wallow in dramatic misery¹, I’m trying instead to focus on being content, being grateful, and thinking what a joy it is to be alive this very moment, with who-knows-what adventures waiting up ahead!  Seriously.  Amazing possibilities out there, you know?  Why worry about what I lack, when what I already have is so incredible?

Yet, sometimes I still worry.  Hence the weird combo of emotional strangeness I described earlier.

Oh, well.  I will just channel this energy into my fingers, onto my keyboard, and infuse some emotionally conflicted magic into my characters’ world.  Yes, yes…that sounds like the perfect plan!

One final Oktoberzest update:  I added about 375 words to the manuscript on Saturday², which brings my six-day total to 6,558 words.  Here’s hoping this week goes as well, or better!

Thanks for indulging my inner drama queen for a moment.  She likes to make herself heard every once in a while, though I prefer to keep her locked up in a dungeon.  She’s headed back down there now, ready to sit in the dark again for a while.

What are you guys working on this week?  Anyone out there gearing up for NaNoWriMo?  Or, maybe you’re in the thicket of some other project?  

¹Dramatically miserable hyperbolical sentence alert!  Fear not, we are not wallowing, nor are we anywhere close to miserable.  I’m just being a drama queen for a minute.

²Not bad, considering I ended up spending only 30 minutes writing that day.

11 Responses to “Joy”

  1. islesam Monday / 26 October 09 at 1:06 pm #

    If you don’t air out Drama Queens every once in a while, they start to smell. So worry not.

    I’m still planning & fretting over my NaNo novel. I talked to my mom about it and she helped put my mind at ease about the content, so now I have to make sure I’ve got enough prep work to get the ball rolling. Of course I chose a story I’ve never been able to write in a format that I’ve had trouble with before as my first NaNo novel. Sigh. I never like to make things easy.

    • owlandsparrow Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 9:08 am #

      Oh good, I’m glad your mom helped ease your worries about the content, especially with several days to spare before embarking on the challenge. Speaking of the challenge, um, it does sound like it may be a little difficult, what with the format and all, but hey! – it’ll make for a sweeter victory at the other end of November!

  2. J.C Monday / 26 October 09 at 2:16 pm #

    I’m gonna be working on the outline for my nano-novel too, so much to sort out! But I have three chapters left of a novel to critique before I can play with my own story, and I’m hoping to get those done today (all going well!). Also, I am going to do a ‘sneak attack’ on our hallway and paint it without husbands permission… lol he won’t be mad, it’s just not on his list of things to do in the near future!

    • owlandsparrow Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 9:10 am #

      Awesome, awesome – I wish I could sneak attack our entire apartment with a new color, but unfortunately I’m a rule-abiding renter (and, we want our deposit back at the end of the lease…). =)

      Sounds like you have your hands full, but what a fun place to be! November will be so much fun, good luck sorting out your outline this week. What’s your NaNo name?

      • J.C Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 2:25 pm #

        Same as my blog J.C.Hart – I added you so if you go to your ‘buddy of’ section you can just add me back! November is going to be great, I can’t wait.
        And I love owning our own place! It’s great to be able to change things, especially the paint… the colours in this house were terrible.

  3. ohsosqueamish Monday / 26 October 09 at 7:47 pm #

    Not giving in to your inner drama queen is a good thing – but it’s definitely good to let her out for a minute. Otherwise she’ll get really grumpy. Kinda like an Inner Editor(even interferes with NaNoWriMo just as much, too!)

    I would be working on my NaNo outline this week, but I gave in and finished it a couple weeks ago XD And NOW I’m feeling doubtful about it. Again. Lovely.
    So instead I’m jotting down one-or-two-shot fanfics in between ridiculous amounts of babysitting. 😀

    • owlandsparrow Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 9:14 am #

      Look at you, being all awesome and ahead of schedule! That’s great! Except for the part about doubting yourself, that’s never fun – though sometimes it can be productive, if you replace the stuff you’re unsure of with better stuff, right? I bet you’ll get a better feel for what you want to do with it when you’re actually writing the scenes. Are you under ohsosqueamish on NaNo, too?

      Oh! By the way, I saw you’d posted a fanfic, but unfortunately I haven’t read that series. Perhaps I’ll have to check it out, after your raving review. =)

      • ohsosqueamish Wednesday / 28 October 09 at 8:57 am #

        I’m ‘RainbowConnection’ on Nano 🙂

        You should definately check it out! and ignore how slow the first… oh… 100 pages are 😛 It starts being really well paced after that lol.

  4. Merrilee Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 12:02 am #

    I’m visiting clients and plotting and trying to catch up with blogs and post and critique and…and…and…feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed.

    But I have chocolate cake!

    • owlandsparrow Tuesday / 27 October 09 at 9:22 am #

      I have a half-eaten cherry pie on my kitchen counter. Chocolate cake was my other option, actually, and I’ve found it makes everything more fun! Especially when there are chocolate chips mixed into the frosting, that’s pretty awesome…

      Oh. Wait. I can’t think of these things right now, I’ve only just eaten breakfast…

      You can do it, Merrilee! I know that overwhelmed feeling, too, and it is NOT fun. Especially when the have to list has to take temporary priority over the want to list. Or, even when everything you have on the list is a want to and you simply can’t fit them all into one day, or one week…

      Good luck, and just enjoy everything as you do it! =)

      • Merrilee Wednesday / 28 October 09 at 3:32 am #

        My want-to list is MUCH more fun, but I haven’t touched it since Monday *cry*.

        Nevermind, tomorrow is my home day and I have writing as #1 on the list!

        Please may I have some cherry pie? I promise to be good…

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