Sit. Stay. Write.

23 Nov

It’s a new day, a new week, and it’s time to get down to business.

No more getting sucked into marathons of Say Yes to the Dress.  No more allowing myself ‘just two minutes online’ that turn into twenty.  No more ‘that’s good enough for now,’ when I’m fairly certain I could double what I already did.  No curling up in my Snuggie and knitting all day¹, even though my poor throat is a little scratchy and my nose a little stuffy.  

This week’s only a two day work week for me, since we’re leaving Wednesday for Kansas City.  I hope to really dig in on these two days, and not just say, “Oh well…it’s a short week, next week will be a fresh start.”  Because, really?  I have a tendency to gravitate toward fresh starts.

While I’m thinking about catching up and making progress and all those sorts of things, let’s all give some encouragement to Melissa!  Melissa is still pressing on with her NaNo project, on which she caught up by 7,000 words in about a day.  Her subject matter is tough (Hell) so she needs all the support she can get to finish strong.  Click here to read about her awesome catch-up, click here to read about her more recent struggle with her book.  Keep it up, my friend, you can do it!  

All right.  It must take some kind of discipline to catch up by 7,000 words, and I’m inspired by this kind of discipline!  This number isn’t really a sustainable number for everyday purposes², and I’m aiming for more like half that today, but it reminds me that much more is possible if I’ll just stay at the table and keep writing.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  

In the meantime, watch this ridiculous Snuggie advertisement if you’ve never had the, uh, privilege.  Also, head on over to Melissa’s blog to read all about Blame it on the Weatherman!  And if you’ve done all that, and still want to procrastinate, you could always knit your kitty a sweater.  Just be warned, the kitty will hate you and destroy your decorations.

¹As for the Snuggie, we received two as Christmas presents last year.  Now we can feel warm and look like we’re in some wacky cult at the same time!  Yay!  As for the knitting, well, I’d like to be better at it.  My first project was in sixth grade, where I knitted a turtle-neck sweater for our cat as a Christmas present.  You can imagine how well poor Ginger reacted when I tried to stuff her head through the too-small hole.  (Short answer?  She ran up the Christmas tree.) 

²But for a one- or two- day mini-writing-marathon?  Very nice.

7 Responses to “Sit. Stay. Write.”

  1. islesam Monday / 23 November 09 at 9:19 am #

    awww, thanks 🙂

    i managed to get ahead of the game by about 1500 words yesterday, hammering out almost 5k & nearly oding on espresso shots. I AM TIRED. but back in the game 🙂

    plus i found a storyline i’d totally forgotten about when merging my various versions of the story & managed to make my dead body business work. i feel victorious! thanks for the support 😀

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 23 November 09 at 7:01 pm #

      You’re welcome! I’m proud of you and I feel for you – espresso rocks, I’ll be the first to admit. Too much, though, and you feel like junk. I think you’re doing awesome, actually trying to write a good novel, one you care about, rather than just plopping down a zillion words of meaningless drivel. 🙂 Awesome that you found a forgotten storyline – I bet that has helped immensely.

  2. J.C Monday / 23 November 09 at 1:13 pm #

    haha snuggies! never seen them before, though we have something similar here and I’ve been considering getting one. I

  3. J.C Monday / 23 November 09 at 1:14 pm #

    Bah, Lauren decided to keyboard bash and posted my comment!! I had a home made polar fleece sleeping bag that tied toga style over the shoulders which was awesome until the dog ate it, but something with long sleeves would rock!

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 23 November 09 at 7:05 pm #

      Yeah, the Snuggies are some sight to behold, let me tell you. When we received them as gifts last Christmas, my husband and I had never seen the commercial. Then, lo and behold, we’re watching TV one night, and that hilariously awful commercial flashes across our screen! Both of us, wide-eyed, pointed in disbelief (especially because we had both received matching booklights, the gift you get with purchase) that someone so close to us had actually bought something from that commercial – and not as a joke. We wear them with pride (and with laughter).

      The only problem with them is, you can’t really bend forward. It falls right off, and you have to keep tugging the Snuggie back on. Pretty sweet, otherwise, hehe.

  4. Merrilee Monday / 23 November 09 at 5:19 pm #

    That’s the spirit! It’s all to easy to say “I’ll make a new start next week”. Much better to say “I’ll make a new start right now.”

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 23 November 09 at 7:06 pm #

      Thanks! Today has gone well, so far. Still a couple of hours left, if all goes as planned. It’s been a good balance of work and rest so I can come back and do the same tomorrow.

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