Happy LOST Day!

2 Feb

At the risk of sounding like an obsessed freak¹ — after eight months of waiting (impatiently), it’s LOST Season Premiere day!  It’s only ten in the morning, but I’ve already learned a few things today.  (Be warned: I haven’t had many lattes lately, and I’m having one now.  That, combined with my excitement?  Put on your seatbelts, because I’m feeling some energy today.)

First?  Today might as well be a holiday.  Examples include the email I got from my music-teaching mother:

“Happy LOST Day!  I moved around my piano lessons so I can watch — if Obama can rearrange his State of  the Union address, I can rearrange my lessons!”

and the text messages with friends, á la Christmas Eve, yesterday:

“It’s LOST Eve!  One more day!”

and the greetings from not one, but two, of my barista friends at Starbucks (granted, we watch the show together every week, rotating from house-to-house, Bible-study style, with desserts and coffee):

“Happy LOST Day!” (shouted in chorus when I walked in)

Examples abound.  You get the picture.

Second thing I learned this morning?  I’ve been (*sob*) spelling the word premiere without the final e for days and days.  I felt like a schmuckety schmuck when I figured it out and promptly rushed to add the elusive e to my latest Tweet and the invitation to our viewing party this evening.  Crisis somewhat averted.

Third lesson isn’t so much a lesson; it’s more like confirmation that yes, in case there was any doubt, I am excited about the season premiere.  While it is completely abnormal to, say, dream that you are a cast member of the show (who may or may not be Evangeline Lilly) and that you are trying to get back to the Island via military plane leaving from Alaska-slash-Miami (apparently my dream-world has not seen the script for the finale)(or an episode, for that matter)(or a map) — it is completely understandable that this dream would poke its way into my head on LOST Eve.  Especially after watching the brain-melting minute-long teaser-trailer a couple times in slow motion² to catch all the sneak-peaks into what’s to come.  

Lest you think I’m merely jumping up and down as if I’ve just been surprised with a Disney Cruise to the Bahamas³, I should mention that while I have zero focus right now, I am nonetheless completely inspired to work on my novel.  In sort of the same way I’ve been inspired by J.K. Rowling, I feel inspired by the writers of LOST.  

Seriously.  To write a show where, six seasons in, loads of people still care about your characters?  Your mysteries?  Where people feel simultaneous hatred and compassion for your villain(s), simultaneous empathy and frustration with your heroes?  Where people can read a zillion things into what you’ve written because you’ve managed to share just enough to raise questions about religion, literature, and mythology?  Where you write on two levels — one for the casual (though necessarily consistent) viewer, who just wants a story; and one for the engaged viewer who loves to unscramble anagrams, look for symbolism, pick out hidden easter egg clues, read into the very purposeful placement of details?  Where people dare to get this worked up over a season premiere, in full confidence that you’ll deliver because you deliver every single time?

Can you imagine writing, and executing, a story like this?  Can you imagine ideas coming from your brain and resulting with people who wish each other “Happy LOST Day!” in Starbucks, people who rearrange piano lessons, a  President who agreed to not conflict with what you’ve created?  

I can’t really imagine what that must feel like, to be honest.  

I’m consistently amazed by the process of creation, especially when that creation is executed in such a compelling way.  This is at the heart of why I love to write: to watch things form, to hope that the details will fall in such a way that inspire any inkling of resemblance to this sort of thought-provoking stuff.

Now, to try and get some work done before descending into the inevitable pit of party preparation: that’s my challenge for today.

Revision Update, Phase One | 134 pages down, 201 to go | 40.0% finished!

¹We obsessed freaks, by the way, prefer to be called devoted, completely intrigued fans.

²What?  It had new footage.  Very weird new footage.  Plus, it played in the middle of The Bachelor, which I have zero interest in whatsoever (except for the fact that Mr. Jake Pavelka Bachelor himself grew up, literally, about two minutes from where I currently live.  His parents live next door to my friend.) so I was easily distracted.  And it was about one in the morning.

³Which actually happened, by the way — my husband’s work surprised us with an all-expense-paid Disney Cruise that we get to take later this year.  Hello, bathing suits, beaches, sun, and ocean (and the gym!)!

11 Responses to “Happy LOST Day!”

  1. Linda Tuesday / 2 February 10 at 2:18 pm #

    Oh, yes, happy, happy, happy that today is LOST day!!! Once I had a dream with Sawyer and Kate in it; I was patching Sawyer up after a fight … but I was me not Jack! And once I had another dream about Kate and Sayid … but I don’t talk about that. 😉

    And congrats on getting a free cruise!

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 7 February 10 at 11:35 am #

      Those sound like fun dreams, haha. 🙂 After several days to re-think the premiere, I have lots of thoughts and theories and I’m super-excited about where they seem to be going with this. Can’t wait for another one!!

      (I’m so excited about the cruise – I love beaches and ocean. Perfect for someone living in Texas whose closest excuse for a beach is Galveston, huh? haha) (And that’s not even close.)

  2. Rowenna Wednesday / 3 February 10 at 10:10 am #

    You know what’s ironic? I missed the last season of Lost because it was the only night my Bible study could meet. And now it’s the only night my handbell choir can meet. I’m stuck waiting for DVDs–but I don’t mind spoilers. I actually like rewatching Lost a ton because they’re so well-done!

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 7 February 10 at 11:37 am #

      Wow, that is unfortunate! The Season 5 DVDs are out already, so you should totally catch up if you get the chance. If they do what they did in the past, Season 6 should be online, too…I like re-watching it, too – I find I see more subtle clues to things every single time I watch. 🙂

  3. Kathleen Wall Thursday / 4 February 10 at 12:31 pm #

    I hope you enjoyed it! I haven’t been sucked into it yet, but most everyone I know has. Interesting point, too, to imagine creating something that so many people get excited about. Is that motivation to write and write well, or what?

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 7 February 10 at 11:39 am #

      Yeah, “sucked into it” is a pretty good way of looking at it – you can’t just jump in, you kind of have to start at the beginning. BUT! Everyone I know who has gotten sucked in has totally enjoyed being sucked in, so at least by the end of it you feel like all those hours haven’t been completely wasted.

      I bet those creators/writers are having a blast right now.

  4. Alexis Grant Friday / 5 February 10 at 8:28 pm #

    I especially love your REVISION UPDATE. You’ve even got the percentage! I should start doing this — It makes it easier to see how far you’ve come and how much farther you’ve got to go.

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 7 February 10 at 11:41 am #

      Thanks, Alexis! I started doing that a little while back, and it’s been really helpful accountability for me. It’s encouraging when I have good progress to post, but when I’m behind (like today) it makes me want to work even harder to meet my goal. And, like you said, it’s fun to see how far I’ve come and how much is left. 🙂

  5. joyofdawn Monday / 8 February 10 at 10:32 am #

    I had to tell you that Dad picked up the first three seasons of LOST on DVD at the Goodwill store on Saturday. 🙂
    Congrats on your cruise! Just don’t get -ahem- lost! lol
    Have a great week!

    • owlandsparrow Tuesday / 9 February 10 at 8:44 am #

      Ooh, fun…I should warn you, if you’ve never seen it, some of it is hard to watch (a little violent every now and then, but definitely not most of the time), but it’s a great show. Well-written, creative, with great actors – plus, even though there are so many characters, I think they do a really good job of making you care about them and understand their stories. I also like that it makes you think to understand it (in the later seasons, especially).


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