Where Did The Time Go?

11 Mar

I have SO MUCH to tell you guys.

It’s been one crazy week, let me tell you.  This is the…uh…second time I’ve stopped to sit down today and rest.  Things have been a little crazy, what with my attempts to prepare for a trip, rearrange-slash-organize-slash-completely clean my whole apartment (laundry included), and yes, get some work done on the novel.

[I interrupt this blog post with outrage: Ryan Seacrest, did I just overhear you say America voted out Katelyn Epperly?  One of my favorites, THE Katelyn Epperly?  Okay.  Just making sure.  Crap.]

I’ve been planning to write a good long post about my editing progress this week — after that whole Smoke Monster incident, after all, you might have worried that I’ve been sulking in despair, ignoring the world and my writing.  I’m pleased to report that there’s been very little sulking, and loads of progress.  Monday morning, I sat down to work, and something just completely clicked.  I’m not stuck anymore, and am poised to get a lot of work done when I return from my trip.

Unfortunately, it’s been one of those days that’s left me in a state of dazedness, and all I can really think about right now is a huge plate of pasta, white wine, and a night full of Survivor and NBC comedies.  The unfortunate part of that sentence (since we all know pasta, white wine, and TV is a recipe for awesomeness) is that my long blog post about the editing itself will have to wait.  There’s still quite a bit of work I have left to do before embarking on a loooooooooong drive to Minneapolis tomorrow with my church group — this, most likely, means my next post won’t be until I get back to Texas a week from Sunday.  Just thought I’d let y’all know, you know, so you don’t worry when I’m MIA all week.

Oh: those of you who love LOST as much as I do, you should know that I won’t be able to watch it until after I get back, so this is my preemptive strike against accidental spoilers!  (Why, yes, I am planning to bring my laptop justincase there’s an Internet connection and I get a chance to watch it at, like, five a.m. one morning when I’m not busy hanging out with 20 freshmen.)

Happy week to you all!  I’ll be back soon.

PS: Another Outrage Alert!  Two of my other favorites — Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert — got voted off tonight, too.  This is not because my taste = horrible.  It’s because America’s does.

8 Responses to “Where Did The Time Go?”

  1. Linda Thursday / 11 March 10 at 8:22 pm #

    Have a great trip, Kayla. (I don’t know why I tweeted that instead of just coming here.) 🙂 Oh, and glad to hear you had a “breakthrough.”

  2. Laura Best Thursday / 11 March 10 at 8:24 pm #

    Gave a great week, Kayla!

  3. Megs - Scattered Bits Thursday / 11 March 10 at 8:31 pm #

    I’ve been asking myself the same question. Hang in there, have fun, and don’t let yourself feel stressed. Glad for the breakthrough.

  4. J.C Thursday / 11 March 10 at 9:36 pm #

    Hope you have a great time away, and yay for breakthroughs!

  5. joyofdawn Friday / 12 March 10 at 8:16 am #

    Stay safe and enjoy your trip! Can’t wait to hear how much fun you had!

  6. jenniferneri Saturday / 13 March 10 at 9:59 am #

    Yaye! Your not stuck anymore!

  7. littlehousesouthernprairie Monday / 15 March 10 at 2:50 pm #

    LOL, that smoke monster strikes again!

  8. amber Thursday / 18 March 10 at 11:26 pm #

    Survivor! We still love it and have found a way to watch this season over here. Love that you’re still on board. LOVE IT!

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