Shadows, Sun, Stillness

21 Apr

Peace.  Today seems like it just might be full of it.

Unlike yesterday.

Yesterday, I learned that for some people, nothing goes better with 8:30am sun and breeze than a good, loud dose of rap music.  Bonus points if said music echoes through the entire courtyard when others are trying to concentrate.

I also learned that my idea of proper laundry room etiquette doesn’t exactly line up with everyone else’s.  Seriously, just because I got up early to use the four washing machines, it doesn’t mean I might want to dry my clothes right after that, you know?  It’s perfectly fine with me if you disregard the usual order of who-got-there-first and dump your own wet laundry in the dryer right when I’m about to use it.  Perfectly.  Fine.¹

But, whatever.  It was a sunny day, albeit a loud and laundry-filled day, and I did my best to be patient.  The music stopped, eventually, and my clothes are dry and folded.²  Even though my DVR somehow managed to not record Glee, it was still Tuesday: Lost-day.  Plus, my friend brought me a free non-fat latte and some Shiner for our midnight Lost-viewing refreshments.  (Public Service Announcement: there’s a reason Starbucks doesn’t make Grande Non-Fat Beer Lattes.)

Today, though: aaaaaahhhhhhh.

I can smell peace, and it smells like green grass and potted plants.  It sounds like breeze in the leaves, and the on-going conversation between the two little red birds who sit in those leaves.  It’s sun and shadows, and the fact that they’re shifting slowly.  It’s stillness.  This day will not escape me like yesterday did.

I’m fully aware that inner peace and circumstantial peace are two separate things.  Sometimes, though, circumstantial cacophony has its way of drowning out inner peace’s calm voice.  Today, the two peaces are having a nice little conversation.  I hope it’s a long one.

Better take advantage of this morning, so I’m off to start reading the last few chapters of Linda’s novel!  (PS: Go read Linda’s latest post, and not just because she says nice things about yours truly.  It’s full of honest perspective on rejection and the often discouraging querying process.)

I wish you all a peaceful day of sun, breeze, and birds.  (Singing birds, as opposed to creepy Alfred Hitchcock birds.  Also as opposed to the visually challenged kinds of birds who nosedive into windows, or birds who mistake big hair for their nests/toilets.)

¹I guess I should add, in her defense, that she cleaned her clothes in her own washer and they happened to need drying at the same time as mine.  Being dryer-less, what else was she to do?  Wait?  Though I understand where she’s coming from, it had a frustrating effect on me nonetheless, due to the way I had scheduled my day.  (Got up early to do laundry, only to have it take way longer than expected due to Dryer Girl.)  Add rap music to the mix, and the frustration was turned all the way up to eleven.  (This Is Spinal Tap, anyone?)

²As for dry, folded, and put away?  Not so much.

12 Responses to “Shadows, Sun, Stillness”

  1. Melissa Wednesday / 21 April 10 at 3:43 pm #

    Truthfully, the only thing I have retained from this blog was the multiple mentions of Shiner beer, to which I have to say: KAYLA, MY LOVE FOR YOU CONTINUES TO GROW DAILY.

    Bring me a family pack, let me drink all the Kosmos & we’ll have a grand time talking about dryer stealing hoe’s & suicidal birds.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 10:53 am #

      Glad I could inspire you with Shiner, haha. Hope you have a good company picnic this weekend, and that you enjoy your free time!! Oh, the possibilities…

      You’re fun. I’m glad we’re friends.

  2. Merrilee Wednesday / 21 April 10 at 4:49 pm #

    Lol! I had a mad, crazy day yesterday too. Insurance claim stuff-ups, manual due at 3pm. I was a wet rag by the end of it.

    Today, I am looking forward to a quiet day with the small man, and not thinking too much.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 10:54 am #

      That day seemed to have everyone all crazy – I know a couple of other friends who had weird/bad days that day, too. Hope the rest of your week got better, that things were both peaceful and productive for you!

  3. J.C Wednesday / 21 April 10 at 5:32 pm #

    Hope you have a lovely today 🙂 It can be so frustrating when inner/outer peace can’t seem to meet in the middle and just be peaceful together.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 10:55 am #

      Thanks, Cassie! It was a lovely day, though not quite as productive as I hoped it would be. The rap music started right after I pushed ‘publish’ – that little hope of quiet was short-lived, haha. It ended up okay, though. 🙂

  4. Natasha Wednesday / 21 April 10 at 8:18 pm #

    Hi Kayla — I moseyed on over from Linda’s blog after reading your fabulous and thoughtful critique comments on her writing.

    Ah… Shiner. And Patty Griffin. How about a Shiner while listening to Patty Griffin?

    You obviously have excellent taste! Sorry about the laundry! I’ll be back to read more later.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 11:17 am #

      Hi, Natasha! I checked out your blog, too! 🙂 Thanks for your nice words about my critique comments, it’s been great to have the opportunity to give them.

      Polly the Dog is so cute, by the way. Judging from your “about me” page, and your comment about Shiner and Patty Griffin, I’d say you have excellent taste, too. 🙂 Tossing garlic or chocolate into a vat of Other Stuff and stirring until something edible emerges?? Yes, please. I like to do that, too. (Just not with garlic and chocolate at the same time. That would be the equivalent of a Shiner latte, I think.)

      Okay, all that to say: thanks for stopping by! I hope to read more of your posts soon, as well. 🙂

  5. Linda Cassidy Lewis Thursday / 22 April 10 at 10:41 am #

    I couldn’t have sworn I left a comment here yesterday. Thank you for the shout out.

    I had to look up Shiner. I wish I had someone to watch LOST with. My husband plays poker on Tuesday nights, so he never watches the show anymore. I can discuss it the next day with one of my sons, who lives in Nebraska now, that’s not as much fun as digging in while it’s still warm. 🙂

    This Is Spinal Tap, boy I used to laugh at that movie.

    I hope you had a productive day.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 11:23 am #

      You’re welcome for the shout-out! Likewise. 🙂

      Aw, Linda, I wish we lived closer – you could come to our LOST parties. Several friends (ex-coworkers who have now become friends, to be more specific) come over to watch, most weeks. I’m sorry your husband doesn’t watch it with you – I totally understand the need to talk about it right after “LOST” stamps itself onto the screen at the end of each episode. I’m always willing to talk about it, but always afraid I’ll spoil something for you due to our time zone difference. Feel free to shoot me emails or tweets if you want to!

      Wow, this weekend is almost here already. Can’t believe it. I hope you’ve had a productive week, too!

  6. Kathleen Wall Thursday / 22 April 10 at 8:28 pm #

    Ha ha. Love the bird comment. My parents have a cardinal that repeatedly attacks its reflection in their kitchen window. It never learns. And my mother continues to love cardinals despite their obvious stupidity. She’s a good woman.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 23 April 10 at 11:28 am #

      Animals are so funny. You’d think that cardinal would learn – it has to be uncomfortable, you know? Gives him a little bird-migraine for a while, probably. My kitty is also crazy and irrational – for a while there, he would overturn his water dish every single time we’d refill it, within seconds. Poor thing would go thirsty all the time, and we couldn’t figure out how to keep him hydrated. Eventually, I bought a new dish and tied it down to a cast-iron grill pan (YAY for fishing line’s excellent durability!). He hasn’t turned it over since.

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