10 Things You Never Knew You Always Wanted To Know

30 Apr

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t sure what it would become.  Rants about parking lot villains?  Sure, why not!  Recounting my horrible customer service experiences?  Yes, sir.

Naturally, I decided to go anonymous.

Soon after I began the blog, though, it became less of a place to rant, and more of a how-’bout-I-chronicle-my-novel-writing-project? sort of place.  Now that I’ve built a community of amazing, supportive writer friends — and because I don’t rant much anymore¹ — I decided to attach my name to it.  And a picture.  See the sidebar.

Let me just pause here to say a HUGE part of why I went ahead and did this was to impress my software-engineer husband with taking the initiative to learn a little HTML to make it happen.  That was just the thing that pushed me over the edge, though.  Most of you already know my name, I just hadn’t officially added it to the blog yet.

Okay.  So, in honor of that, I thought I’d do a little personal post today.  What the heck, right?  It’s Friday.  I’m editing.  It’s a good little break from revising, so here we go!

(Side note: for a less-crammed version of the stuff that follows, make sure you’ve clicked on the actual post and are not just on the home page.  It’s more spread out that way.)

10 Things You Never Knew You Always Wanted To Know

(Or, Maybe Not. But Whatever.)

  1. I get my hair from both of my parents: curls from my dad, color from my mom.  The picture I posted makes it look darker than it actually is.  For a decade, I had fear of phobic proportions of getting my hair cut.  Finally, I found something that works.  Want to read more about my hair trauma?  Here you go.
  2. I LOVE artichokes.  Load up the plate, please, with as many as you can give me.  Please do not forget, especially if we’ve ordered take-out, because my poor husband has to see me get all dejected over it.
  3. I can say “You smell like cheese,” in five languages.  They include Japanese, Norwegian, English, Spanish, and sign language.  I can also say my fair share of “I love you” to much of the world, though that phrase doesn’t work too well with the first one.  I can sing “Jesus loves the little children” in Norwegian, and also recite a random Bible verse in the same language.  Perhaps you can tell that I had a Norwegian roommate in college?
  4. I love rain.  Hate lightning, but love rain.  I think this is because some of my favorite memories happened in rain storms — I remember watching storms with my dad from our front porch when I was little; also, I rode a bicycle for a couple miles in the rain, alone, in Shanghai one night, a memory that brings back feelings of independence, confidence, and complete surreality.  Rain inspires, rather than depresses, me.
  5. I only went to two weeks of first grade, then skipped to second.  I often wonder what my life would be like if things had been different.  When I wonder these things, I’m thankful things happened the way they did.
  6. I learned how to sing on a steady diet of Mariah Carey and show tunes.  My mom is a music teacher, so I grew up around it.  I play the piano and the guitar, and played the bassoon for seven years all through school.
  7. I’m a Bible-believing Christian.  Some of you believe the same way I do, some of you believe the exact opposite.  Some of you are in-between, or don’t believe in anything.  I love you all.  Oh yeah, and I collect Bibles in all sorts of languages: some of the more unusual ones include Icelandic, Dutch, Russian, and Chinese.
  8. One of my favorite cookbooks is huge and yellow, and it’s from Gourmet magazine.  I love to try recipes from it — it has the best instructions, and backstory, of any other cookbook I own.  Everything I’ve tried from it has come out perfect, with the exception of the gingerbread pancakes, which I’ve attempted — and failed at — no less than four times.
  9. I want to live near the ocean, or the mountains.  Probably would choose oceans over mountains, if given the choice.  I live near neither.  Even the lakes aren’t exactly inspiring around here.
  10. Once upon a time, my idea of working out was defined as such: walk a single lap around the trail at the park, twice per year.  These days, I actually enjoy running, weight training, yoga, and even doing planks and side planks and all those other things that hurt.  I continue to learn discipline, daily, whether it’s at the gym, or writing from my computer, or being wise with finances.
  11. BONUS!  My favorite movie is Waiting for Guffman, and it’s one of the only movies I can remember quotes from.

And so it ends.  Time for me to kick Mr. Cat out of my chair and get back to revisions.

¹And, because when I have in the past, I tried my best to take a make-the-best-out-of-it approach, rather than a please-hate-me-once-you-read-this approach.

16 Responses to “10 Things You Never Knew You Always Wanted To Know”

  1. Melissa Friday / 30 April 10 at 1:31 pm #

    Funny, any other picture I have seen of you has made you look like a redhead. Now the color looks just like how I wish I could keep my hair ALL THE TIME, except it always fades. Sigh.

    Also, kudos to your pretty picture. I tried to add one to the sidebar & could not for the LIFE of me make it fit & look pretty like yours.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 30 April 10 at 2:34 pm #

      I didn’t even notice how dark my hair looked until my husband pointed it out. You’re right – my hair is way more reddish brown than this picture makes it look. I like the dark color, but I’ve had so much hair drama I’m afraid to try dye. Guess I’ll just have to settle for pictures like this, pictures that have been altered to make bathroom walls look a little less stark. 😉

      Sorry you didn’t have as good of luck as I did with getting the picture to fit. That’s all it was, really – luck. You should try again, it would look nice on your blog!

  2. J.C Friday / 30 April 10 at 2:48 pm #

    It is a very pretty picture 🙂 and lovely to learn some more things about you!

    Can I make you incredibly jealous and confess to living by both the sea and the mountains? We’re one of the few places in the world that (theoretically, if you’re completely nuts and into being extreme) you could ski, and surf, in the same day. I’d never venture into the waves in the middle of winter though. Brrr.

    • owlandsparrow Friday / 30 April 10 at 3:21 pm #

      Well, at least someone gets to enjoy both ocean and mountains, haha! That sounds amazing. Gorgeous, and amazing! 🙂 Have you lived in NZ all your life? Do you ski or surf? I mean, I assume you’re not grouped in with the “completely nuts” category you mentioned, but perhaps you enjoy each in its season (and when you’re not pregnant, haha).

      • J.C Friday / 30 April 10 at 7:25 pm #

        I used to surf back when I was a teenager – one day when the kids are bigger I might have time to take it up again! I’ve skied a few times, but I prefer throwing snowballs and sliding around on rubbish bags lol less expensive, just as much fun 😉
        I have lived in NZ all my life, though never appreciated my patch of it until after I’d been gone for 5 years and then came home. It is home, in every way.

  3. Merrilee Friday / 30 April 10 at 4:50 pm #

    That was great Kayla, funny and interesting! You seem like a very active, outgoing person, which certainly comes through in your posts 🙂 Love the gingerbread pancakes anecdote, and I’m right there with you on the rain. Love it.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 3 May 10 at 7:51 am #

      Thanks, Merrilee! Man, those gingerbread pancakes…oy. The first time, they were bricks, the second time, slime…and, even when I got the texture a little better, the flavor seemed very un-gingerbread-y to me.

  4. Linda Cassidy Lewis Friday / 30 April 10 at 7:19 pm #

    I’m happy you owned up to your lovely blog! 😀

    Just so you know, I hate you for having the hair I always wanted (Renee hair.) 😉 AND you can sing? I may just be too envious to keep coming around here.

    Btw, I got my first Patty Griffin cd (Living With Ghosts) and I love it. Thanks for introducing me to her.

    I would love to live by the ocean. I have problems with altitude so I love brief visits to the mountains, but don’t think I’d like to live there. I know you get acclimated … still, if it’s a choice between mountains and ocean, well … As for now, all I can do is write about living by the sea.

    It was fun learning more about you this way, Kayla. Thanks for sharing.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 3 May 10 at 8:02 am #

      I guess it’s about time, huh? 🙂

      I have Renee hair? SWEET! Will it make you hate me less if I admit some things I’m terrible at? (Because I just couldn’t take it if you deserted me here. I’d miss you too much!)

      Things I’m terrible at include dancing, of all sorts (I’m very Elaine, on Seinfeld), team sports (tried basketball in junior high, got made fun of all the time; only made two baskets all year), and I could stand to be more vigilant with dirty dishes and laundry.

      So glad to hear you’re loving Living with Ghosts. She has so many good albums, but that one was her first, and it stands as my favorite.

      I have a few problems with altitude, too, so I guess that’s another reason ocean would trump mountains. Having read your novel, I associate you with the ocean. It would be cool if you got to move near one someday. 🙂 You’re closer than I am, though.

      • Linda Cassidy Lewis Monday / 3 May 10 at 5:17 pm #

        You’ve redeemed yourself by admitting your dishes and laundry failures. 😀

  5. Chibi Sunday / 2 May 10 at 9:08 am #

    My best friend LOVES the rain. Personally, I’m in between and it depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes it can make me feel inspired, other times, it makes me feel lazy. Oh, and like you, I’d love to live near the ocean someday. I adore visiting the piers of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Standing on them during a hot sunny day while the ocean laps beneath you is wonderful.

    Very interesting post, and I like your picture. Your hair looks quite curly.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 3 May 10 at 8:06 am #

      Oh, even just the phrase “piers of Halifax,” and the mention of the ocean lapping underneath, makes me want to visit water! Thanks for liking my picture, by the way — man, my hair IS curly. It’s taken forever to figure out what to do to make it look pretty (as opposed to frazzled).

  6. Megs - Scattered Bits Sunday / 2 May 10 at 10:57 am #

    Your hair in that pic looks just like mine right after I washed it! Let’s not discuss after it DRIES though. :grins: It’s nice to have this little introductory. I have to admit to being a sun baby myself. I have always lived near the mountains and wished, wished, WISHED that it was a whole lot warmer!

  7. owlandsparrow Monday / 3 May 10 at 8:09 am #

    Perhaps you’ll have to visit Texas in the summer, sometime. It gets HOT, so if warm is what you want, come on down, haha. Is your hair as dark as mine looks in the picture? Melissa (accurately) pointed out that my hair is more reddish brown in all the other pictures she’s seen – this one, I darkened a bit so the wall wouldn’t look so ugly white. 😉

    So, PS: I’m SO GLAD you’re still around, here and by email, even though you’re not blogging anymore. I got really sad, thinking you’d disappeared forever!

  8. Megs - Scattered Bits Monday / 3 May 10 at 9:41 am #

    Yep. My hair is THAT dark. Girls at school thought I had black hair, but it’s really just brown and looks it when the sun hits it. My sister’s looks the same until it’s in the sun. Hers is dark RED! I love red hair. And she gets it. :sighs: The only problem with Texas is the wildlife. Apparently, I lived there in some of my early years, but I wouldn’t mind visiting if time ever permits.


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