The Verdict | Creativity Workshop Goals, Week 4

30 May

This week, in terms of my Creativity Workshop writing goals, was pretty void of progress.  I was going to say abysmal, but that would be just a bit too harsh.

My project of choice involved fluffy, innocent sheep who turn up tail-less in the field.  Oy.  Perhaps I should have considered what that would mean, in terms of a story, before I chose it: it means that somehow, someone needs to sever those little tails.  Poor, poor, fluffy sheep.

My problem with this week was not a lack of ideas.  It was not a lack of ability, or time, or even writer’s block.  My problem?  The idea I came up with rattled me a little bit, because it’s totally not something I would normally write.  Yes, yes, I know that’s what the workshop is for — to get out of my comfort zone, to try something new, to push myself, for fun and for practice.  Eeeeek.  Schizophrenic Bo-Peep?  Innocent sheep, harmed by their own trusted shepherdess?  Um…not completely my scene.

Still, once the idea snaked into my brian, it coiled up and would NOT move.  I was intrigued by it — I just wasn’t so sure I wanted to write it.  Something about it was off-putting, and I hid from it for a few days.

It scared me, but I did not ditch it.  Friday morning, I took a deep breath and faced it.  And you know what?  I like it a lot better than I expected to.  It’s colorful and vivid and dizzying, intense.  I still feel like I’m sort of closing one eye to it, not going as deep with it as I could, but the eye that’s open thinks the story’s pretty intriguing.

Though I didn’t finish it, and I only worked on it those two days — one for planning, one for facing the plan — I’m satisfied with the fact that I didn’t ignore the things that scared me.

This week, hopefully, will be better.  My inspiration for the new story the nursery rhyme “Sailing, Sailing,” and it will deal with love interrupted by nature and time, and waiting for someone to return home.  I have a smattering of social plans this week — holiday on Monday (YAY for pools and lakes), friend coming to visit on Friday, taking another friend to the airport, a reunion with my old roommates — so the challenge this week will be a busy schedule.

I can’t believe this is already the last week of the first set.  So far, I have one completed story that I like, one idea I’m SUPER-EXCITED about, and a half-written idea I’m still somewhat unenthused about.  I’d like to add another completed story to the list this week!

Happy creating, everyone!

PS: If you’re new-ish around here and have no idea what the Creativity Workshop is (also known on Twitter as #CreateWS), click here for a post about the workshop itself, and click here for a post about my goals for the workshop.

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14 Responses to “The Verdict | Creativity Workshop Goals, Week 4”

  1. xen Sunday / 30 May 10 at 5:06 pm #

    Haha what a weird idea, good on you for sticking with it! Best of luck with this week 😀

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 31 May 10 at 8:35 am #

      TOTALLY weird idea, I know, haha. When I thought of it, I was like, Reeeeally? Nah, I think I don’t want to write that… But then, I would have felt lame to not even try. Thanks for your encouragement, Xen! 🙂

  2. Linda Cassidy Lewis Sunday / 30 May 10 at 8:04 pm #

    I had to smile at the picture of you writing a story you couldn’t look at. 😉 Bravo for not backing down.

    So, this week’s story will be about Desmond and Penny? 😀

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 31 May 10 at 8:43 am #

      Haha, I think I must have looked pretty funny while avoiding it, too, not just while attempting to write it.

      Thanks for the bravo, and…hmmm…Des and Penny!!!! I love Des and Penny. I’m thinking this week’s will be more lonely lady who lives in a huge mansion on a cliff, with storms, wondering when – or if? – her husband (who is off at sea doing who knows what) will ever come home. However, your Des and Penny suggestion gives me an idea – so far I’ve only been thinking about this one from the woman’s POV, it might be neat to include some of the man’s.

      Good luck on your last poem! 🙂

  3. Eliza Sunday / 30 May 10 at 9:51 pm #

    That’s great that you bit the bullet! Even if you didn’t get the whole thing written. I have a few stories like that, where I can tell that, because of the subject matter, I didn’t go as deep as I could have. I describe it to my husband as ‘pulling my punches’, and its one of my biggest let down feelings when I do that. Still, sometimes its too much to do on the first pass.

    Good luck this week! Social entanglements can be tricky to work around.

    • owlandsparrow Monday / 31 May 10 at 8:49 am #

      Thanks for sharing, Eliza. Since these are my first attempts at short stories, I’m discovering so many things about what makes me feel comfortable and what is more challenging. In my novel-writing, I’m in the revision stage, so I know exactly what you mean by ‘pulling punches’ – I can absolutely see the places where I didn’t invest as much heart or energy as the scene needs. I agree – sometimes it is too much for the first pass.

      I’m thinking early(ish) mornings will be my best bet this week in the midst of the social plans, so hopefully I can get up and get going easily this week!

      Hope you have a great week, too! 🙂

  4. Merrilee Monday / 31 May 10 at 8:22 am #

    I’m glad you tackled it, in the end. Exploring concepts and thoughts that make us uncomfortable is hard but ultimately educational. Well done!

    And I also can’t believe how fast this is going.

  5. owlandsparrow Monday / 31 May 10 at 8:53 am #

    Thanks, Merrilee. 🙂 Like I told Xen, I would have felt lame if I didn’t even try to write it! As you said, it was both uncomfortable and educational. If that doesn’t fit right in line with this workshop, I don’t know what does. Learning how to be disciplined to push myself, indeed.

    I looked up the other day and was like, um, this will be our FIFTH week?! With only nine after that? Wow. Thanks again for running this, and for keeping us encouraged and on track! 🙂

  6. AuroraLee Tuesday / 1 June 10 at 9:57 am #

    What an interesting story concept! Good on you for writing it 🙂

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 6 June 10 at 10:09 am #

      Yeah, interesting’s the word, haha. Weird is also appropriate. Something about it just hooked me – I think I could see myself reading this story, it’s just not something I’d normally write. Oh well. I gave it a try, anyway. If I spent more time on it, I think it could be quite good, but there are other things vying for my attention.

  7. Megs - Scattered Bits Tuesday / 1 June 10 at 10:24 am #

    Sounds freaky but fun. I’d never be able to write that story. :shudders: Good luck and happy creating to you! 😀

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 6 June 10 at 10:11 am #

      Megs!! I miss you. Sorry I’ve been lame at writing back to comments lately. I’ve been meaning to email you, too, to see how everything’s going with you and what you’re up to. As for the story, yes: freaky, but fun. It was this dizzying, vibrant thing that swung from emotional extremes in a heartbeat. That was fun, but also quite strange to write. Happy creating to you, my friend. What are you working on these days, and how is it coming?

  8. Chibi Tuesday / 1 June 10 at 11:36 am #

    That certainly sounds like it would be an interesting story to write, but I can see why you were hesitant about writing it. I think it’s great that you were able to “face the fear” and work on it, particularly since you said it turned out better than you thought it would. I guess there’s a reason it refused to be cast aside! Good luck next week. Hopefully your subject matter won’t be quite so odd.

    • owlandsparrow Sunday / 6 June 10 at 10:16 am #

      Thanks for the encouragement, Chibi! It was a nice feeling to write, even though I didn’t feel the story so much. Even if I never do anything with that one, at least I learned something from it, and did not let fear win.

      This week’s story is a totally different animal. Oh. My. Goodness. I’m itching to write my wrap-up post about it, but I’ve been so bad at responding to comments, I wanted to do that first. 🙂 Hope you’ve had a good week! Happy writing!

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