Bite My Pillow

19 Sep

If you know the movie reference for today’s blog post title, CONGRATULATIONS!!  I think you and I are alone on this, judging from the comments on my last post.

I don’t know what you win, but YOU WIN!!!!

As for the rest of you, well…I imagine it must have sounded pretty strange to read, “I’m just going to go bite my pillow, that’s what I’m going to do!” in my last post.  Alas, I thought someone, anyone, might know this fantastic movie without first Googling the quote.

Since you don’t, you get this post!  With answers!  And links to YouTube videos!  And exclamation points!!!!  And a semi-strong urge (okay, fine, a pleading request) for you to drop what you’re doing and Netflix this movie today!


It’s one of those Christopher Guest mockumentaries (like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind), and therefore people seem to either love or hate it.  I’m pretty sure I don’t have to tell you which side I’m on.  Feel free to disagree, but know that I stand firmly on the side of love.

Basically, here’s what it’s about: There’s a tiny Missouri town called Blaine, and they’re celebrating their sesquicentennial (read: 150th anniversary of their town’s existence).  To honor this momentous occasion, they put together a musical about the town’s (not-so-exciting) history.  Everyone, from the quirky director to his less-talented-than-they-think-they-are cast, believes this show is A.MAZ.ING.  Corky St. Clair (the quirky director) sends out invitations to head honchos on Broadway, inviting them to come see their show.  One (Mort Guffman) responds, and they get excited about the possibility of going to Broadway.

There are so many quotable things from this movie, so many huh?! moments (in a good way), and much of its beauty is in the subtle details.  I see something new to love about it every time I watch it, and I’ve watched it countless times.  Perhaps I enjoy it so much because I’m from a small town and grew up doing musical theater, and therefore am biased toward laughing at all the true things it pokes fun at.  I don’t think it’s just that, though.

So, here are a few of my favorite clips:

The one where Corky freaks out because he’s asked for $100,000 to make this show better, and the city council has just laughed at his request. This is the one where the “bite my pillow” quote comes from.  (The clip I included is his reaction to them saying things like, “Our entire town budget for the whole year is $15,000, and that includes swimming!”)

The one with “A Penny For Your Thoughts.” First, there’s a brief intro by a guy who is just SO impressed with the show Corky’s produced.  Then, a musical number from the show itself—”A Penny For Your Thoughts”—where Christopher Guest and Parker Posey sing and ‘dance’ (no, those ‘quotes’ were not a mistake).  Oh, man.  This is so purposefully bad it’s fantastic.

The one with the UFO expert. This is one of my absolute favorite clips from this movie.  Before the auditions for the musical and the show itself, we are treated to a bit of history about Blaine.  Apparently that history includes a UFO sighting.  And, yes: for all you Arrested Development fans out there, that IS Dr. Tobias Funke in this clip.

Okay, I’ll stop with the clips now, because seriously?  I could tag the whole movie if I was out to tag every funny thing about it.

Then again, you might not like it as much as I do.  It might be one of those acquired taste things.  My husband never liked it until yesterday (I credit this change to all the Curb Your Enthusiasm, Arrested Development, and The Office episodes we’ve been watching lately), and I’m pretty sure my sister doesn’t like it.  So feel free to not like it.

Wishing you all a week where no one makes you want to bite your pillows!


10 Responses to “Bite My Pillow”

  1. Linda Cassidy Lewis Sunday / 19 September 10 at 1:26 pm #

    Oh sure, I’ve seen Waiting for Guffman, I’m just terrible at remembering lines. I’ve seen all his mockumentaries you mentioned.

    I also love This is Spinal Tap, which he starred in and co-wrote, but didn’t direct.

    • Kayla Olson Tuesday / 21 September 10 at 1:08 pm #

      I’m terrible at remembering lines, too. This is the only movie I can quote, haha. I think my second favorite of his mockumentaries is Best in Show. I’d have to watch Spinal Tap again, but I remember cracking up at several parts of that one, too. (Particularly the “This goes to eleven…” part with the guitar amps!)

  2. Merrilee Sunday / 19 September 10 at 5:01 pm #

    I’ll keep an eye out for it 🙂

  3. Lindsay Sunday / 19 September 10 at 9:38 pm #

    Ahh!! I forgot how great this movie is! It is on Netflix instant watch and I think I have to re-watch it right now.

    • Kayla Olson Tuesday / 21 September 10 at 1:10 pm #

      Lindsay! Hi!!! 🙂 Good to hear from you, my friend! Yeah, I was craving this movie over the weekend and was so excited to see it was available for instant streaming! So funny.

      I miss you!

  4. Laura Monday / 20 September 10 at 9:02 pm #

    I’m just glad it wasn’t a Twilight reference…

    • Kayla Olson Tuesday / 21 September 10 at 1:11 pm #

      You won’t get many of those from me. I haven’t read past the first half of the first book, so don’t have many references to offer in that department… 🙂

  5. amber Monday / 4 October 10 at 3:23 am #

    Too bad I didn’t read this until today (I have lots of serious catching-up to do) as I would have added some of my faves like, “rifleman here, rifleman here…” and “drive in and get a coke if you’re thirsty” (as she fans a charred chicken wing).

    One of my absolute favorite scenes, though, is actually a deleted scene available on the DVD… Parker Posey’s monologue where she visits her brother in the hospital. She is tripping brilliant.

    • Kayla Olson Friday / 8 October 10 at 10:05 am #

      AMBER!!!! Those are more brilliant quotes! “Rifleman here, rifleman here…” always cracks me up – it was one of those subtle ones I didn’t catch until a few times in. And Parker Posey is one of the best parts of that movie (I also love her in BEST IN SHOW)! I need to watch that deleted scene, don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

      I was about to list the other parts I like, but it would basically take forever. Quick hits: Eugene Levy’s first little monologue about being the class clown/his grandfather, all the auditions, the Ron and Sheila scene where she talks about the ‘new acting method’ with closing/opening her eyes, the “What do your keen and perceptive eyes behold?” line right before Dr. Pearl is cross-eyed, and the “Nothing ever happens on Mars” song. Bahaha now I want to watch it all again.

      PS: I miss you. Have a great day/week!! 🙂

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