23 Oct

Today is my favorite kind of day:

Latte + stormy weather + time + ideas to write + novels to read = AWESOME.

This has been a total I-want-to-do-everything-RIGHT-NOW sort of week, so it’s nice to have a day open where I can get some stuff done.  Still, though, merely having time doesn’t mean the decision of what to work on will be an easy one.

On one hand, I could buckle down with this fourth draft.  The mulling-things-over phase is coming to an end, and I’m on the brink of actually making changes.

On the other hand, I’m writing a first draft of something completely different.  I have a ton of ideas with where to take it, and today might be the perfect day to lay down a couple of chapters.  Rain tends to make me feel particularly inspired, which would work well for some shiny new words.

On my third hand, there’s that lovely stack of novels on my bookshelf…beautiful, beautiful novels…taunting me…and it is raining, and I am in comfy pants…what better way to enjoy the rain than listening to it while I read?


Guess I’ll just have to do everything.


10 Responses to “Rain”

  1. J.C Saturday / 23 October 10 at 3:32 pm #

    sounds like whatever you do, you’ll have a lovely day! enjoy 🙂

  2. Merrilee Saturday / 23 October 10 at 5:04 pm #

    Oh, rain. So lovely! An very difficult to choose between three awesome things to do 😀

  3. Carol Ann Hoel Saturday / 23 October 10 at 6:48 pm #

    I love rainy days, too. I like soft rain and hard rain that patters like bullets on a tin roof. Reading a book while it rains is awesome. I wonder what you will decide to do. Blessings to you, Kayla…

  4. Madison Woods Saturday / 23 October 10 at 6:56 pm #

    Love days like that too – and it was one of those kinds here today 🙂 I did get a lot done, felt particularly productive even though I can’t really itemize what all I did…

  5. Adaraschia Saturday / 23 October 10 at 7:11 pm #

    Mmmmm… rain sounds. Pretty darn sweet! I can’t exactly go and listen to the rain while reading because there are visitors, but that would be my ideal reading experience. Either that, or sitting in a forest in a chair that allows me to lean back while I read. I hope I’m able to get some writing done. I’m trying to plan out a theme for my book (I’m thinking a four book idea, the first being centered on wolf type… things).

  6. joyofdawn Sunday / 24 October 10 at 7:01 am #

    Rain! I love the picture you chose! So enchanting!
    All your activities sound wonderous. It isn’t raining here yet. Does look promising though! I’ve been fighting urges to write as I am waiting for November. So I have to content myself with setting out the plot line. It will be the better for it. Then there is this really good book I’m reading for the second time, I never do that but I can’t help it. Or, the book I’m supposed to be reading with a book club. 🙂
    Have an awsomely, extra splashy, rainy day!

  7. Agatha82 Sunday / 24 October 10 at 9:46 am #

    Don’t like rain myself, however, it is the perfect time to read since I hate rain so much, I refuse to go out when it is raining 🙂

  8. Laura Best Sunday / 24 October 10 at 2:28 pm #

    Enjoy your rainy day!

  9. Liza Kane Sunday / 24 October 10 at 7:09 pm #

    Hm, what I beautiful dilemma to have! I would’ve thought really hard about writing/editing, but then probably ended up reading till I went blind. That’s just how I roll. 😉

  10. Anna Dawes Sunday / 24 October 10 at 10:30 pm #

    I would probably choose the third hand, because reading is my favorite procrastination tool. But I think that if you’re on the cusp of actually making some changes in a rewrite, you should totally go for it. I find that when I am ready for a changes, I either have to go for it or I will end up thinking it over through another timid draft. Rewrites (I don’t like to call it editing) are the hardest part. Good luck!!

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