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5 Jan

The holidays are over, and the New Year is here.  What does that mean?¹

Well, many of you are writerly types.  Which, by necessity, means you are also readerly types.  And, being writerly-readerly types, your stockings may have been filled with gift cards to Barnes and Noble (because they’re cheaper than the infinitely more dreamy MacBook Air, which—not coincidentally—wouldn’t fit into a stocking, anyway).

So, what is a writer/reader to DO with all those gift cards?

Buy AWESOME books.  Like these:

Anna and the French Kiss, by Stephanie Perkins

This book came out in December.  I had HUGE expectations (and slight hesitation), because everyone was buzzing on Twitter about how much they adored it.

Well…it lived up to the hype.  This story—about Anna, who attends boarding school in Paris and meets the übercharming Étienne St. Clair—looks simple on the surface.  BUT.  Stephanie Perkins is a fabulous writer.  Her work is so subtly woven together, and it has depth.

I am a fan of depth.  And charm.

This has both.  Read it, love it.

Across the Universeby Beth Revis

(out in LESS THAN A WEEEEEEK!) (Specifically, out on 1-11-11)

I read this book back in October, around the time I wrote this post (the one with my cover of the Beatles’ song of the same name).

OH MY WORD.  It’s finally, finally, FINALLY (almost) in bookstores.

This book was so good, it inspired me to scour Goodreads for a few hours just to track down a copy for Melissa to read.

Why was it so good, you ask?

Well.  First of all, the entire story intrigued me.  Cryogenically frozen people?  Check.  Spaceship?  Check.  Girl unfrozen and woken up fifty years early—before her parents, and before they land on the new planet?  Check.  As if those elements weren’t enough to make me go, “Huh.  This seems different…and interesting…and awesome…” Beth‘s first chapter was online.  It’s amazing, and it hooked me, and I read the whole book as soon as I could get my hands on it.

Also, I loved the way this book was written.  Even now, three months after I read it, it STILL resonates with me.  It was a beautiful, satisfying read, from the first page to the last.  It made me look at life, and the world in which we live, with newfound appreciation.


Happy reading!

¹OTHER than the fact that it is Birthday Season, I mean. (FYI, Birthday Season = January. My grandmother and I have always celebrated the whole month, and now, I’m including lovelies Liza Kane and Anna Caro in this celebration, too…)

6 Responses to “I ♥ Books”

  1. Liza Kane Wednesday / 5 January 11 at 7:20 pm #

    Happy Birthday Season!! *confetti*

    I so can’t wait to read Anna: thank you for sharing the love with me! ^_^

    I’m kind of glad that I don’t run a book review blog because with all these pretty books/stories out there, I’d never get any of mine written! I’d be too content living in other people’s worlds!

    Speaking of which, I shall endeavor to be more fleet of finger to share my Hot Mess with you…especially since you were so kind to taunt me with more Speck-tacularness 😉

  2. Lydia K Wednesday / 5 January 11 at 9:15 pm #

    Have a great birthday season! I can’t wait to read Beth’s book.

  3. and flowers pick themselves Thursday / 6 January 11 at 10:12 am #

    hooray for birthday season + good books!

    xo Alison

  4. beth Thursday / 6 January 11 at 2:05 pm #

    AH! Thank you!!!!

  5. Megs Thursday / 6 January 11 at 11:56 pm #

    Well, happy birthday season to ya! My family’s birthday season is in March: Mom, Dad and Grandpeer on the same day, godmother, Nomi, and a cousin I never get to see any more. Let’s just say it’s a bit of a tough one on the pocket book, but just lovely for the emotional book. Happy reading to you!


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    […] week, I wrote a (very long) blog post about three of the best books I read last year.  One of them—Beth Revis’s fabulous debut, […]

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