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A Little Update

25 Jul

How much stuff can you cram into a long, 100°F+, Texas summer?

A lot. Enough to make weeks fly by, apparently.

It’s been a…strange…summer, for me. Not bad, just different, thanks to the huge baby boy growing inside of me (henceforth referred to as Ninjaface). Lest you worry I’m about to turn this blog upside-down and go all Mommy Blogger on you, never fear. I created a separate blog for all things baby, so that those who are interested can check in as often as they like, and those who aren’t? Yeah. You don’t have to be annoyed. Here’s the link, for those who are interested!

Of course, that doesn’t mean I won’t post anything baby-related—I’ll probably do the inevitable “he’s here and he’s huge!” post. And, today, simply because it’s fun, I’m sprinkling in some photos of the baby room we’re creating for little Ninjaface.

Suffice it to say, I’ve had major baby brain lately (for those unfamiliar with said malady, it’s the term I’m using to describe my self-diagnosed inability to focus on things that don’t have to do with—you guessed it—preparing for baby)(also known as: übernesting).

I’m still working on Tokyo, the project tied to the pictures in my last post, just…not very diligently. Oh, I’ve been diligent at other things—cleaning, sewing, knitting, buying things—but can’t seem to focus very well on my writing goals right now. Rather than beating myself up for this, I’m just trying to accept that this has to be a natural side-effect to babybaking, and that there’s bound to be a day in the near future where I will write like a madwoman.

In the meantime, I’ve been reading a lot. The best of these recent reads include Marie Lu’s Legend, Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and debut author Meg Haston’s fun and fabulous How to Rock Braces and Glasses—I’ll probably devote separate posts to these books in the near future, and *possibly* even have another giveaway.

So! There you have it. Other than that, I’ve simply been trying to hang in there as the temperature climbs higher, my belly grows huger, and my energy-slash-motivation swings high to low and back again like Tarzan on a vine.

What about you guys? How’s life and writing and reading and EVERYTHING? Updates! Yours! I want them!