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It’s Shiny + Bright,

7 Aug

in case you haven’t noticed.

My new blog layout, that is.  I figured I should at least acknowledge the change, since it’s the first time I’ve forced my blog to endure a makeover.

You should know: I am a creature of habit.

It was really hard for me to take the leap and actually change the theme — especially when I realized my old theme wasn’t available anymore.  Nothing like making a leap with no safety net, you know?  Nonetheless, I took the leap (obviously) and am pleased to say I’m adjusting well.

In case you are wondering why I took the leap, there are two reasons.  One: dark-on-light is easier to read.  Two: the fonts feel clean, the colors bright, and (I hope) the overall effect comes off as a bit more professional.  The only thing I don’t love are the faint pink dots in the background.  The bold pink date dots, though?  Love.

Along with the HUGE theme change, I thought I’d go ahead and call your attention to some fun additions to my blogroll.  Namely, the websites of Natalie Whipple, Kiersten White, Stephanie Perkins, and Laini Taylor’s über-awesome website (“Not for Robots”) for “people for whom writing is hard.” I’m loving these sites, and the people behind them — from what I gather via Twitter and their blogs — are adorable.  Their posts are always helpful and amazing.  On top of that, they do Twitter well.  You should follow them.

Okay.  I think that’s it.

Feel free to peruse things, if you’re in a procrastinatory mood.  Happy writing and happy weekend!