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A New Queen

8 May

Oy.  It is a dark and early morning, that’s for sure.  A loud one, too.

With two five-thirty a.m. text messages and a veritable R&B concert directly over our heads, I’m finding it a little bit difficult to do what people do on Saturday mornings (i.e. not wake up at five-thirty a.m.).

The text messages?  Totally understandable, and welcome even.  They were from my sweet mom, whose play¹ competes today.  She’ll be busy all day, wanted to know when we’d get to town (it’s a four-hour drive for us), et cetera.  Plus, I know she’s not the most dextrous texter — between her lofty texting ambitions and (probably) a ten-minute internal debate before bothering us so early, the texts are more endearing than they are a nuisance.

As for the music², I can’t say the same: this new queen on the block has just ousted her previous contenders people-who-drive-and-act-like-jerks-in-parking-lots, things-spelled-incorrectly-on-purpose-à-la-Kwik-Kutz-or-Sassy-Katz³, and pounding-bass-speakers-who-take-my-concentration-and-dangle-it-over-the-edge-of-a-cliff from their comfy, coveted spots on the Throne of Pet Peeves.  (Those three have shared the Throne so long its velvet has worn down in a few places.)  Technically, what’s happening today is the third pet peeve after it’s had about eight fully caffeinated espresso shots, therefore I’m counting it in a category that’s wholly other, and am convinced it supersedes the annoyance of a mere pounding bass.

It’s starting to get light outside.

Sweet little birds are singing.  It’s impossible to tell whether they are trying to sing karaoke or drown out the noise.

Hey, wasn’t it just last week where I mused about the delight of not having much to rant about?  (Yes. Yes it was.)

On a brighter note (one not being melismatically forced down my ears) that’s totally unrelated to anything else in this post, Jen Lancaster’s book reading/Q&A/signing was a treat last night.  The excerpt she read was funny, as was the Q&A.  She then managed to stay personable and look genuinely thrilled to be there while she signed books for three hours (I know this because we got there late and were therefore relegated to Group H on a scale from A to I).  Tyra Banks would be so proud — Ms. Lancaster welcomed photos all night, and has perfected the whole find-the-light and smile-with-your-eyes thing they’re always trying to get contestants to do on Top Model.

I feel sufficiently unburdened by my loud morning, so I shall roll with it and get a head start on today.  Breakfast, latte, and packing, here I come.  Oh!  Before I forget, I should let all you #CreateWS people know, due to our weekend trip, my Sunday workshop post won’t be happening until laaaaaaate Sunday (which might actually turn into eaaaaarly Monday)(especially if my neighbor has anything to do with it).

PS: I’m experimenting with a Tweet button at the bottom — thanks, Linda! — not that I really expect you guys to go reTweeting this totally unhelpful little post.

¹She’s directing high schoolers in a one act play competition.  They made the state-level competition, which is a Big Deal in Texas because it takes stellar performances at three or four competitions in order to do what they’ve done.  I’m proud of her, and proud of her cast!


³Yes, it hurt to type that.  Hurts more to leave it in there and not delete it, knowing a good many of you may very well cringe upon reading it.

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No, McDonald’s. Please. (Pleasé?)

30 Jun

Is it just me, or does the new McDonald’s promotional campaign for their coffee really not make sense?  Don’t get me wrong – McCafé is a wonderful, absolutely logical choice for the name of their coffee section of the menu.  It’s just that I don’t get all the commercials that play out like a misguided handbook on how to study for a standardized test.   

Seriously.  Everything is better with an accent?  Really?  Possible becomes possiblé (“possiblAY”).  As does commute (commuté), shuttle (shuttlé), and cubicle (cubiclé).  

Okay, I’m on board so far.  The accent magically transforms the mundane commute to something that sounds as elegant as a fancy ballet move.  I get it.  My problem comes with the asymmetry of this verbal display – we all know McCafé has only, always been, McCafé.  Take away the accent and it’s just the same word misspelled – and not pronounced McCayf.  

Using the style of those analogy questions on test such as the SAT and the GRE, possible:possiblé :: commute:commuté :: cubicle:cubiclé.  None of these are the same as McCafe:McCafé.  This logic only continues to McCafé if the non-accented version is pronounced McCayf.  Alas, it is not.  And alas, as silly as it may be, this campaign drives me crazy on principle.  I tried avoid trying their drinks because of this, but then came a problem.

In the middle of nowhere, with only a McDonald’s in sight, I was suddenly struck with a craving for a latte (I say this as if this is a rare occurrence).  I struggled to push back my hang-ups with their very lamé ads, and pulled up to the curb.  Hesitantly, I admit it – the drink was delicious.  Despite the guy who forgot to give me my dollar in change, despite the fact that he made me the wrong drink after I specifically said hot latte, no flavor whatsoever (twice) – once I finally got my beverage, it tasted great.  

What about you?  Do you ever avoid potentially great things for trivial reasons such as this?  Like, not only McCafé, but also places like Kwik Kar (it pains me to type that) and the movie The Klumps or Avril Lavigne’s song “Sk8er Boi?”*


P.S. – This entire marketing campaign is, in my opinion, marginally better than their last memorable commercial – the one that looks like it should be on MTV, and the dude is singing his heart out about his girlfriend’s selfish hoarding of McNuggets.  (I woke up to find you creepin’, tip-toe-tip…Girl, you got a ten-piece, now don’t be stingyyyyyyayaaay…)

 *Disclaimer: not saying all of those things are potentially great.